Call Bulletins 2015.08.10 | Upgrades Update

I’ve mentioned before matters of my online finances that would have prevented renewed funding of this blog’s “no ads” and media storage upgrades.

That has passed, and my original intent to have NO ads posted by WordPress on this blog shall stand, as I now have the means to keep the upgrades in effect to be auto-renewed this coming year for the next, which is good, because I hate going back on my previously stated intent to all of you, this blog’s readers.

Now, I haven’t bought any upgrades for this blog’s sister sites, but should that become an option, it’ll be done, though only once they’ve matured properly and see regular use.

Getting a Patreon account may be a good idea, but only when I post frequently enough to make it worth any patrons’ while. I’ve a few friends who’ve done that for their RPG writing and SF author endeavors, and I’ll have to discuss options, but it is on the table as a possibility.

Stay brilliant, peeps, and never try to steal the Moon without putting it back afterward, much less blast it from orbit into tiny and difficult to reassemble fragments!

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