Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.08.08

G’day! Study has been a little slow this week, clipping off two days earlier this week for concluding last month’s Bengali study, and now transitioning to Tamil, at the moment revising on previous lessons for that language and preparing for the creation of mnemonic tools to help me study more efficiently.

I find all three languages, including Hindi, quite mellifluous, quite pleasant to the ear, and while not easy to learn without the drive to do so, fun and interesting in any event. Learning a language, to the extent of fully assimilating it, opens new paths of thought, to think in that language, to think in the patterns a native speaker would, and that’s part of my goal.

How will that affect my worldview?

I’ll have to post more on those things pertaining to all three languages I’ve learned so far, it’s just that I hate gratuitously showing off, but I also feel that I ought to put up or shut up…

One day I’ll be fluent in all three languages, maybe even in something approaching a native accent with each, but in the mean time it’s worth the effort to learn these languages even for their own sake.

May you always have clear skies and a heart for wonder, and as my alien Kai’Siri would say…

Talotaa frang.

Apollo 17 at Shorty Crater

A Proton Arc Over Lake Superior

Virgo Cluster Galaxies

X Ray Echoes from Circinus X 1

Stereo Pluto

Full Earth, Full Moon

Curiosity’s View

Image of the Week:

Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 5060

Weekly Astrognuz:

Megan Amram: New Web series promoting women in science.

Stealing Sedna

Hiroshima: what the hell were we thinking?

The Moons of Saturn

DSCOVR: Moon transits Earth

Could We Terraform Jupiter?

Asteroid 1999 JD6: Contact binary pinged by radar.

The Planet Mercury

MSG-4: A new European weather satellite.

Curiosity Drills Deep into First High-Silica Martian Rock

Reboot the Suit: Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit fundraiser successful.

The Dog Days and Sothic Cycles of August

Mike Huckabee: Wrong about volcanoes and global warming.

Will SETI’s Unprecendented New Program Finally Find ET?

Philae: Rosetta comet lander’s first science results.

Kirk, Spock, and Sulu go to Charon!

Life Above 5000ft: Colorado + Utah

Pusheen Travels to Mars:

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