The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.07.19

IMG_2401Whelp, the previous has been an excellent week, with much done and yet more to be done in the coming days. It’s one of those silly American things — we tend toward a ‘doing’ culture rather than a ‘being’ culture, and this causes us no end of trouble!

Even with the ongoing mindfulness training, the need to keep busy is still there, rearing its ugly atomic death-ray breathing head when activity falls below a certain point.

This coming evening, I shall have completed the intended study units for Bengali, before working on those to round out lessons for this month.

At this point, I would obviously come off as a foreigner to a native speaker, but with practice, I’ll better manage my dental and retroflex consonants, and the nasalized vowels (important for polite-sounding pronouns!). There are consonantal conjuncts to learn, letters and sounds I’ve yet to master, and I’ve little doubt that a Bengali preteen could outdo me in fluency! I’ve had experience with learning new languages since high school, but I’m no polyglot, so I must work at it 🙂

May your week from here on be brilliant, your mood high, and your stress-levels low!

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