The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup 2015.07.05

XS_XXXGood day! I’m back to posting after a long period of reading and study the past few weeks. Last month, most of my study time involved lessons in Hindi, with some new study and revising of Bengali, on which I shall be focusing more this month.

I’ve gained an understanding of the basic vowels and consonants of Hindi via its Devanagari script, and am now filling in gaps in my knowledge of the graceful and intricate script of Bengali. I’m mostly focusing on the version spoken in West Bengal, with some of that used in Bangladesh as well.

Each month, I devote most of my language study to one spoken and written tongue, with the rest of study on other subjects and revising of prior study. I wish first to gain the competency to write fiction and poetry in the vernacular, and of course to improve my everyday usage as well. I’m not quite there yet, I think. Next month, I’ll resume Tamil as the main subject of study.

This morning, I’ve scheduled updates on all five of my blogs, my hub-page The Unspeakable Blogs, of course my Tumblr site, My Horrific Elegance, This blog, the Call, my Blogger site, The Collect Call, and my two remaining WordPress blogs, The Checkerboards of the Gods, and The Prank Call, my recent personal blog, with some earlier posts recently transferred from this site’s archives.

I’ve been updating the layout of my sites as well, at least the WordPress ones, with new Category organization and better use of SEO techniques for all subsequent entries where possible. I’ve added links to the blogrolls for each site, improved navigation via widget layout.

I have bad news. Checking my financial status and online expenditures, I cannot afford to pay $50.00 per year for this blog’s media file and ad-blocking upgrades, so those will expire sometime next year.

I don’t blog regularly enough to make a Patreon account worth the while of any interested Patrons, so I’ll have to blog cheap. So next year, ads will come back, but again, they are WordPress’s, not mine. I’ll continue promoting my peeps’ indie-published books through linked widgets in the Call’s sidebar.

As always with stuff Kai’Siri say,

Talotaa frang.

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