You Fought, Carl. Oh, How You Fought…

I’ve been waiting for a way to say this, but I think this ought to do…

On May of this year, Carl Powell, a friend and long-time subscriber to this blog passed away after a 2 1/2-year battle with brain cancer, finally taking the Reaper’s pallid hand on Sunday, the 25th, at 00:45 EST, at just 51 years of age.

It’s not like it came unexpectedly, and frankly I’m impressed that he survived as long as he did. He had good doctors, and I attribute credit where it’s been earned, however slim the chances of survival, and even if it’s ultimately hopeless.

As I knew him, he was always willing to lend a hand, even offering a ride home on a busy evening from the old gaming shop now and then. He gave freely of his time when his work allowed, and was quick with a critical eye and ready opinion — and this blog is so much the better for it.

In the last few years, his conditions of employment disallowed much in the way of his posting online, and that’s understandable. He will be missed, by friends and family, and on this blog — missed, but finally at peace in that great, vast gulf at the end of life.

What of an afterlife? I look for no comfort there, and I’ll harbor no illusions that it should be the case. I’ve no reason to, and it would be dishonest of me to answer in the affirmative. I simply don’t know, and neither does anyone else as far as can be objectively shown.

Goodbye, Carl…and take care. You’ll be remembered.

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