Bulletins 2015.05.22

With the recent updates of my WP blogs themes, they once again have the use of conveniently positioned sidebars for widgets, and…stuff.

That includes the image widgets I now use to highlight and plug books, like the three to the right of the page. The two upper ones have obvious authorship, and I get no payment from the sales of others’ books.

Here, I said I wasn’t going to hire an ad service for this site to generate revenue through blog hits, and that still holds. Promises ought to be kept, after all. No ad services. I’ll pay where needed to maintain services for this site in other ways.

I think I’ll keep these themes, though I’ve not bought off WP showing ads on my other two blogs, the Checkerboards and The Prank Call, so sometimes annoying commercial material will pop up on the page while you, the readers, are checking stuff out.

That’s not my doing, and as soon as I can arrange for the funding to pay for it yearly, I’ll buy off showing ads on those sites as well, with no ad services on either blog when that takes effect.

So here’s to you. Thanks for clicking on me, and as ever…

Talotaa frang.

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