Call Bulletins 2015.05.21

I’ve updated the themes for my WordPress blogs the previous morning. I needed a theme that allows the best range of header and background flexibility, and the utility of a sidebar for mounting widgets. The widget space for the most recent theme, “Chaos Theory” was located at the base of the page, and scrolling all the way down to see it had proven very un-ergonomic to some readers.

Also, I’ve created a new blog for my very personal entries, which are all slowly but surely migrating from this blog and others to here: The Prank Call of Troythulu.

The each post will stay on its original blog for five calendar days before being deleted there once moved to the Prank Call. Henceforth, all new personal posts will be published there.

For older posts, I’m moving the original comments with each entry as well, and all posts with their attached comments will be accurately retro-posted to their original time and date of publishing to preserve context.

Commenting below. No spam or trolling, or my cats will be angry.

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