Call Bulletins 2015.03.09

Welp, I’ve gone ahead and deleted six of my WordPress blogs after the end of an interesting trial period. The experiment is over, and my sites the Impudent Algorithm, the Hypershard Dispatches, the Gods of Terra, We are the Wavetouched, the Exohuman Journal, and sadly enough, I am Troythulu, have all gone the way of the dinosaurs. They’re extinct, defunct, gone, obliterated, destroyed, though I have exported their post files for possible future use.

Only the Call, the Collect Call, the Checkerboards, and My Horrific Elegance remain for the foreseeable future. I’ve updated the themes for the Call and the Checkerboards, and this morning will finish that with the Collect Call and my Tumblr page.

Come the end of 2015, I may be exporting the Call’s and the Checkerboards’s best content over to the Collect Call once things are arranged, and shift my main blogging efforts there. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll be poking about familiarizing myself with better use of categories on WordPress in case I change my mind. Reducing my blogs in number will let me better consolidate my efforts over fewer sites and provide less temptation for lazy blogging than has been the case.

Talotaa frang.

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