Call Bulletins 2015.03.07

I’ve written posts critical of various questionable claims. Some of it is a bit unsubtle, some of it perhaps over-generalized, but what’s on this site is a record of my views, however ham-fisted the expression, and people grow with time and experience—and wouldn’t it be terrible if we didn’t? So I’m not deleting old posts, save for expired, now-unwatchable video entries.

I’ve said much of what I need to say on certain topics, but stay on this site they shall. It’s a good reminder of views I’ve held, things I’ve said, and if there are inconsistencies in my posts over time, that’s okay too. Change is inevitable.

I’m keeping everything readable and viewable on-site.

If possible given use of Google-fu, I’ll try to find a suitable substitute to embed before opting to delete that entry on my blog. Feel free to notify me if a video you come across on this site has been remotely removed, deleted, embedding disabled, blocked, or is otherwise unwatchable.

Also, I’m updating the themes on my blogs to something more minimalist than before, and that includes my Tumblr and Blogger sites as well as WordPress. Also, for this blog, I’m going back to the “No ads” option that was in effect until recently last year, as the ads currently shown on this site are [1] not my own, but WordPress’s own means of generating revenue, and [2] I’m not interested in putting ads of my own up as that would distract from the actual content. Unless I join Patreon at some point, I won’t be able to do the same for my other WordPress sites, even for once a year automatic payments, not on a fixed income.

What’s on this blog should serve as a record to both my blogging successes and my failures, and if leaving old posts that no longer reflect my current views requires me to clarify my present position on whatever topics presenting themselves in future, I’m fine with that.

If you wish to know where I currently stand on any topic, ask, or read one of my recent posts on the topic.

But please don’t presume to tell me about my personal motives, biases, and vested interests without bothering to actually find out. Seven years as a skeptic has taught the value of rigor, and the hard truth that there probably aren’t any real psychics, so don’t pretend to be one.

Commenting below. No spam or trolling, or my cats will be angry.

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