Call Bulletins 2015.02.16: This Year of New Things

I’ve noticed a tendency for certain blogging habits of mine that have cropped up over the last year, and this one as well. There’s been a tendency to rely overmuch on posts scheduled for particular days of the week.

There’s also been a destructive tendency for scheduling too-frequent video entries on this and other of my blogs, especially of material not my own.

Because of my study endeavors and life situations, I’m no longer blogging as actively as I have in the past. So I’ve produced less written material than might otherwise be the case, given that I blog without pay and currently have less time to do so.

I can’t promise to post regularly, especially across multiple blogs, but shall post material if — only if — and when I have it complete and ready, while cutting back on videos made by others except when particularly apt or necessary.

I’ll get more scheduling time when circumstances allow, even if I must bribe my psycho fluffy feline furniture-destroyers with a bit of ‘nip to stay out of my desk chair when I need to write.

I’ve got some things planned for the blogs this year, including a page on most of them tentatively titled “Stuff Kai’Siri Say,” on words, phrases, and other elements of the language and culture, currently under development, of my fictional alien humans, the Kai’Siri. That includes poetry styles and forms particular to the culture, giving me a good opportunity to really flesh them out for my fiction. Information on their factions, history, ethnic groups and illustrations of clothing styles will be added to the page as completed.

I’m rewriting parts of “Dirge” and making voice recordings for narrating it myself, which practicing on my vocal control during the recording sessions. Once I’m done with “Dirge,” I’ll post it for a limited time on this blog as a free ePub zip file shortly before self-publishing the final draft for Kindle and other platforms.

On those blogs I publish poetry on, I’ll be expanding the Poetry Styles & Forms page to include new kinds of poetry when those are published, and those lately published but not currently described.

At some point, I may update the themes of all of the blogs, mostly with new header and background images, and will definitely be updating the topical themes of each blog as needed, depending on how each evolves over the coming year.

There’s more to come, come what may of this New Year, this Year of New Things. I’ll see you then, and thanks for clicking on me.

Talotaa frang.

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