Call Bulletins 2015.01.23

I’m on a moratorium from doing any more Mirus fiction on my blogs for this year. I’ve done the character to death, and while I’ll continue doing fiction in my Gods of Terra setting, that particular character won’t be showing up again until next year.

There are plenty of other perfectly good characters for stories, and I’ll use those more, especially those from different settings, in fiction installments. I’ve yet to finish the Eldritch Nine series, as there are several others of the Nine who are One I’ve yet to write about.

I’ll be using flash fiction installments in published anthologies, which will be fun to work on. Many of them will first appear on these blogs, though, and there shall be editing for the published versions.

I may soon re-release my short story Dirge in epub format as a free .zip file on this blog before the release of the Kindle and iBooks versions, but it’s being edited and formatted for free by a professional, and it’s not my place or desire to rush things.

I’ve a couple of other drafts being expanded and edited, also short stories, both currently under 5,000 words. There’s also scads of poems to collect into their own volumes, and I’ll be using my fractals for the cover art and any interior illustrations.

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