Call Bulletins: 2014.11.07

Well, so far so good, the current blogging policy is working well with life issues and my study schedule, even when I’m alternating study periods between three languages and still making progress. Alternation is needed to avoid the worst effects of cognitive interference in both learning and recall.

I must prioritize because I’m horrible at multitasking, and worse at it the more I do it. So there.

Here is the current setup on posting specific topical entries on some of my blogs, and these will be amended in both future Bulletins and on the subject matter page of each of the relevant blogs when those are finished:

Thursday Impudence: (Blog: The Impudent Algorithm) Usually a video or webcomic installment, this will be posted regularly when possible, server allowing, each Thursday, usually at 12:00 AM EST. Preparation and scheduling usually take place on the weekends, or whenever I have free time otherwise.

Indra’s Pearls: (Blog: The Impudent Algorithm) This ongoing review series and chapter by chapter commentary on the book of the same name will be readied and scheduled for the last day of each month at 12:00 AM or PM EST.

Friga’s Day Flash Fiction: (Blogs: Currently the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods for my WordPress sites) This will be scheduled fdor one or both blogs when completed material is ready for publishing, usually between 12:00 AM and PM EST each Friday.

Wordless Wotan’s Day: (Blogs: Currently on the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods) This is now scheduled for one or both blogs each Wednesday between 12:00 AM and PM EST when ready material is available. This usually consists of a personal video, a photograph or two, or some combination. Very, very rarely with commentary, as per the point of the title.

Cat Thursday: (Blogs: Currently the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods, sometimes both at once) This is now scheduled for the early morning on either site, usually video, image, or both, between 12:00 AM and PM each Thursday.

Fractal(s) of the Week (or Day, or Month): (Blog: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu) This is prescheduled sometimes alternating with or sharing posting date with Wordless Wotan’s Day. The Call is the site most appropriate for this kind of entry, and got its start there. Publishing time will vary between 12:00 AM and PM EST. I usually set this up about a week or more in advance when suitable images can be freshly generated.

The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: (Blogs: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu, projected for other sites, but currently on a publishing hiatus) This will be scheduled when it returns in new installments once I decide a good format for it, and specifics of content each week. Some of the material posted with it will be time-sensitive, so care is needed in readying it for posting. The time for popping up online when scheduled should be between 1:00 AM and 12:00 PM EST, on Saturdays, alternating or sharing time with…

…Caturday’s Astrophenia: (Blogs: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu, possibly the Checkerboards of the Gods at some point. Currently also on a publishing hiatus until I finalize content and format.) This will have time-sensitive material, usually on astroscience/astronautics topic matter, with Cats for ze Caturday, published of course on Saturdays at between 1:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

MetaCognitions: (Blogs: Mostly the Checkerboards of the Gods) This has a very irregular format and posting schedule and can publish at any hour of any day of the week, save Saturday or Sunday, when I currently post rarely until setting up and preparing the two installments immediately above.

(Insert blog shorthand here.) Bulletins: My installment of announcements, tips, brags, and blogging heads-ups, this also has an irregular publishing schedule, posted for whenever it is needed on its eponymous blog, for any hour of the day or night.

Other topical entries are still being worked on, and these will be announced once I finalize the layout, content and publishing schedule of each. There are also those atypical entries and I’ll not neglect those!

But all entries, as I’ve said elsewhere, are to be set up and scheduled when complete and proofed rather than my pushing the Publish button while still in an insomnia-fogged haze in the wee hours of the morning. This works out nicely, as it lets me blog and do stuff offline as well.

That’s it so far, and thanks for clicking on this site. Enjoy your stay, O cosmic peeps!

Commenting below. No spam or trolling, or my cats will be angry.

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