Call Bulletins: 2014/10/20

MB3d17864764As I said in this post, I’ve got good things planned for the blogs, and part of that includes improving the content and being more welcoming to a wider diversity of new readers in the tone of what I post. Now, I could be thought of as an atheist, or an agnostic, but that matters not as I don’t invest much importance in labels.

I’ve grown somewhat over the evolution of this blog and my views have also evolved.

I do not see myself as an anti-theist, and I can no longer stomach an antagonistic approach to religion for my own part. I find it doesn’t work, and whatever I may think of the truth of a given religion’s claims, I no longer think of religion alone as the great evil it’s made out to be.

I’m not like Carl Sagan by any stretch, but there’s something to be said for his approach. It worked, for one thing.  It even worked on a certain ex-paranormal/ex-Fundamentalist believer now blogging, fractalin’ hard, and sporting a Lovecraftian moniker.

The people I’ve met on this blog and family, believers and those not-so-believing, all of them brilliant, and others over the years have influenced my views since beginning blogging in 2008.

There are also prominent members, and still-prominent ex-members, of the skeptical and secular communities whom I shall no longer support on this or any other sites I own. So I’m removing material from this site, especially entries on overly and too-enthusiastically critical of religion and the God question, which I’ve written in this blog’s earlier days and work to clean up this mess of a site.

By its absence ye shall know it…

I know: “Once you post on the internet, it’s there forever,” the saying goes. But it’s to send the message that I no longer support those views, that kind of clumsy, heavy-handed approach, or that kind of content by eliminating it from this site wherever on the Web it may yet remain. I expect that some of it will always be somewhere online.

Just not here.

I’ll still keep much of this blog’s content, taking down only the inflammatory and hamfistedly critical material, and I’ll continue posting on this site. I’m also considering in time moving my main blogging over to another site, though not for at least another year. I’ll make that announcement more specific once I’ve decided, but I don’t plan on deleting this blog, not anytime soon.

This is still a skeptical blog, but I want to shift toward positive science advocacy and careful, measured criticism when criticism is needed at all, on secular or skeptical issues. Of course, the fractals shall continue to be a big part of this blog’s content.

This blog will never be perfect. But it can be better than it is, and that’s what I’ll strive for.

Talotaa frang.

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