So Strange and Awesomositous was the Week…

Welp, I’ve not blogged much this week, much less of many of the feature segments on this and my other sites, save for my Tumblr page at a rate of five posts per day.

I’ve been taking care of things lately, including assisting in the care of the now emasculated Nimbus the kitty, AKA Mr. Eccle’s new arch foe with fuzz and cattitude. Nimbus’s visit to the vets went well, as did Thursday’s recording session for an upcoming episode of Jack Matirko’s show, the Barely Domesticated podcast (check that one out on iTunes or Stitcher, and you may want to pick up a copy of the Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old Ones Yoga).

Yesterday’s game was a blast too. This week left me exhausted.

This has left me with only time for a few posts on this blog and little time for lectures, but that’s alright. I’ll make time.

But next week I’ve got lectures and blogging to catch up on, including posts on sites that haven’t seen much activity lately. I’m generating new images for fractal quotes, poems, and memes, and have been working on the Tempest, AKA ‘Stormy’ (formerly the Tempus, which sounds too much like a job description, so I changed it) the fourth and final god of Terra, who I’ll be writing on soon, after writing on her master, It Who Scratches at the Gates, one of the other only survivors of the Nine who are One into the present day (…or is it?…after all, we could be dealing with things elsewhen here…hint, hint).

I’ve time to compose new poems, view lectures, work on notes, generate images, and combine these with blogging, starting with the Weekly Roundup tomorrow and others. Thanks to all of you for your readership over the years. I hope to make things on these sites better still.

Back to work and play at once, and on the same things.

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