So Strange remains the Week…

English: Lolcat from :Image:Cat crying.jpg Tex...

English: Lolcat from :Image:Cat crying.jpg Text ideated by cary at #wikimedia-commons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some friends and I went to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy this Caturday, everything going so well that day that it left me in a state that has been best described by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait as ‘furiously happy,’ kinda like after seeing the Doctor Who episode “the Doctor Dances.” I was unable to sleep for several hours into the morning until finally drifting off.

I was so wound up as to be in no condition to blog this morning, and this week I’ll need to wind down a bit so I can focus on doing passable posts, making up for lost sleep, and on the two math lecture series I’m viewing this week! My posting schedule will be somewhat spotty though I’m not officially on a break, so there will be…stuff published this week, especially pre-scheduled posts, plus this Friday, the last draft installment and finale of my fiction piece “Dirge.”

Stay brilliant. Who knows what the week holds?

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