Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/06/28

G’day, and good morning. With this installment, I’m putting to the test some ideas on this and other posts on my 10 sites: 8 WordPress blogs, one Blogger site,and my Tumblr page.

I’ve updated the header of the About page on all of my WordPress sites to just that. Why? First, including references to myself in the title seems immodest to me, and it is painfully obvious to me that neither that reference or the fact that it’s about a blog needs to be pointed out to anyone with the literacy to read a blog. People aren’t generally stupid in my view, though ideas can be, including many of those staunchly held by the otherwise rational and intelligent.

I’ve gone for a bit more consistency in the installments posted on the WordPress sites as regular and semi-regular features, that require less rewriting from the original template drafts they are posted from. I’ve also devised a rough posting schedule over all 10 sites as a whole, and here it is: a minimum of 10 entries posted each fortnight across all my blogs.

That requires an activity level of at least 10 entries every 14 days, giving the equivalent of 4 days each fortnight or 2 days each week of effective free periods on other, non-blogging activities, including housework, study, attending to the needs of the Feline Overlords, and seeing after my own health concerns, among other factors that may be involved, including any emergencies that may need addressing.

Given that I currently post most often on this site and on my Tumblr page (about 5 queued posts daily on that venue), this gives me enough wiggle-room to blog and get things done even on a busy schedule during a week.

This post, for example, will be published anywhen on an average of from 1 to 2 times per two weeks, as will Sunday’s “Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup,” and also those individually lengthy entries such as the Impudent Algorithm’s ongoing reviews of the book, “Indra’s Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein.”

Entries that require less time to schedule or post will be published with greater frequency, such as this blog’s Wordless Wotan’s Day, Fractals of the Week, and any miscellaneous entries that lend themselves to quicker posting will be posted about once each week barring incidents preventing live or queued posting for whatever reason.

The hub page for this and all of my other sites has yet to go online, and is still under construction. I’ve only to have the final theme design chosen and logos for each blog completed before it will go public.

To serve as a stopgap measure, I’m publishing this morning a sticky-post at the home page of this venue linking to all of the other 9 blogs, including the Blogger and Tumblr sites for convenience until the hub page, using a WordPress site as a static page, is complete and ready.

I’m from this point on going to update the About page’s monthly blog stats for each site at least once each month at the end of the month, pending any circumstances allowing more frequent updating, but no more than 2 major updates on that or other portions of the About page each month.

Well, that’s the dope on the overall schedule. I’ll post when I can without being obsessive or endangering my health by interfering too much with my sleep patterns, and thank you all so much with your generosity and patience as readers.

I know far too many awesome people, though that’s a tiny microcosm of the total number of awesome people I don’t know or have never met, and that’s only considering members of the human species on this planet, much less the sum total of all totally awesome beings of species in the entire universe we don’t know of or don’t acknowledge as sapient beings just yet.

Talotaa frang.

Persistent Saturnian Auroras

Four Lasers over Mauna Kea

The Iris Nebula in a Field of Dust

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies

Conjunction by the Sea

Martian Anniversary Selfie

Orion Arising 

Images of the Week:

The Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy
The Doomed Star Eta Carinae



Weekly Astrognuz:

LightSail is Ready for Launch! Join Us as the Countdown Begins

House GOP: Threatens to defund EPA.

Mysterious X-ray Signal Intrigues Astronomers

The latest on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

Earth from space: New York City from the ISS.

Hubble Instrument Scientist Bruce Woodgate Passes

“Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication”

Test Version of Orion Spacecraft Touches Down in the Arizona Desert

New NASA Images Highlight U.S. Air Quality Improvement

Asteroid 2104 HG124: Radar imaging gives size and shape.

Webb Telescope Microshutters Journey into NASA Clean Room

The Senate’s Flawed NASA Bill Hits a Bump in the Road

New Horizons: Hubble will look for KBOs as future targets.

Bushfires Continue in Australia’s Northern Territory

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s View of Tycho Central Peak

NASA’s Hubble Finds Dwarf Galaxies Formed More Than Their Fair Share of Universe’s Stars

Health Studies, Visiting Vehicle Preps Aboard Station Wednesday

The Massive Perseus Cluster

Game Changing Cryotank

Arctic sea ice: Melt season is getting longer.

Weekly Stellar Picks:

Rocket Science 101

Laser Bees | The Planetary Society

SETI | The Planetary Society

A Clearer View of Hazy Skies : Feature Articles

Severe Tornadoes near Pilger, Nebraska : Natural Hazards

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