Why I’m not “Staunch”

Checkerboards of The Gods

I cannot intuitively understand why staunch adherence to ideology and partisanship should be considered virtues. “Staunch” to me equates to a tendency for stubbornly dogmatic, inflexible, and often dangerously reactionary thinking.

That’s the impression I get from people who defensively boast of just how staunch they are when they talk politics among those who already agree with them, trying to score tribal recognition points. It’s funny that more and more public political talk involves preaching to the choir, no real discourse at all, just sounding in an echo chamber.

I suppose that I could formulate reasons why staunchness might be considered virtuous, and comprehend those reasons intellectually, but it seems innately senseless to me, and any arguments I might use to justify it would be pretty poor given my understanding of our collective human experience with ideological extremism.

My own view is that, no, partisan loyalty and staunch devotion to…

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