The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/05/04

May the fourth be with you…Happy Star Wars day, and may you be safe and well this new week. I’m going to be busy, online and off, this week, working on notes and opening up new blogs, getting myself used to a different posting schedule. I’ll try to keep up on my peeps, though, busy or not.

I’ll also be working on my techniques for setting up links on posts like this one using Chrome, so this week’s entry will be a bit light on news items until I begin to speed things up. So far, the remaining blogs to go public are tentatively named The Exohuman Journal, The Gawds of Terra, the Impudent Algorithm and We Are The Wavetouched, all currently at private status until I complete their debut posts.

I expect to open at least two of them within this week, maybe three, maybe all, during this week and part of the next, but we’ll see.

My Weekly Blogs Roundup

Roundup of The Other Blogs

The Odd, the Strange & the Sciencey

IFLScience for 2014/05/02:


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