Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/05/03

English: Image of the Galactic disk seen edge ...
English: Image of the Galactic disk seen edge on by COBE (NASA Image) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day. Things have been busy in the last few weeks. I’ve completed setup of six new blogs, and two so far, the Checkerboards of the Gods and the Hypershard Dispatches, have gone public, and I’d like to thank those who’ve subscribed to them:

You people are awesome.

There are four more blogs, and at least two of them will be launched next week until all sites are publicly accessible. That leaves my two test blogs, though those are only for diagnosing and fixing issues on the others.

This Caturday, I’ve completed taking notes from another course, and will be formatting them over this next week. I’ve a review to finish, on Stu Barton’s collection of SF tales ‘Isolation.’

I’m still getting used to Google Chrome, though it works well. There’s just a little about the layout that’s unfamiliar, but it’s my default browser now, so no biggie there.

I’ve no special projects in mind for the next few weeks, though I’ll be catching up on some I’ve yet to complete. May you all have a pleasant week ahead of you, and a better one otherwise. I’ll settle for so-so myself.

Talotaa frang.

SuitSat-1: A Spacesuit Floats Free

Time Lapse of a Total Lunar Eclipse

Aurora Dog over Alaska

A Partially Eclipsed Setting Sun

Brisbane Sunset Moonset

That Night over Half Dome

T Tauri and Hind’s Variable Nebula

Image of the Week:

Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6050
Hubble Interacting Galaxy NGC 6050


Weekly Astrognuz:

Habitable Exoplanets are Bad News for Humanity (OpEd)

BICEP2 and the Origins of the Universe: Behind the Buzz

Object “G2” Still Intact at Closest Approach to Galactic Center, Astronomers Report

How much of the U.S. Public Supports Space-Spending? Depends on How you Read the Stats

U.S. Lawmakers propose spending $220 Million in 2015 on Alternative to Russian Rocket Engine

Climate Conditions Help Forecast Meningitis Breakouts

NASA’s Morpheus Lander prototype Touches Down on Mock Moonscape

Court Injunction Blocks Russian Engine Purchase by ULA for US National Security – Win for SpaceX Yields Uncertainty
Cassini’s View of Another Pale Blue Dot

Infographic: Science Fiction Books That Predicted the Future

Falcon 9 Reusable Takes Its Second Flight Test

Two Suns Could boost Odds of Habitable Exomoons

The Cosmos in Video:

Weekly Pick:

Interactive Mars Panorama — Curiosity Rover

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