Barely Domesticated Ep. 29-Season 1 Finale

The final episode of Barely Domesticated’s first season! Showhost Jack Matirko is going on hiatus, and the Season 2 will begin sometime in May. Even podcasters need a break! In this episode are featured clips from Adam – @Ophan13, Nick – @nicksabot, Steve – @UZH77, Rusty – currently not on the Web like us internet monkeys, Dave – @vistachiri, Andy – @LaughPurgatory, Steve Sumner – @OpHuMod, and myself, @Troythulu. To contact Jack, use his Twitter account, @LEDFlashing or his email, given in the episode to avoid spawning spammy eldritch horrors from Beyond Space and Time™.

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6 thoughts on “Barely Domesticated Ep. 29-Season 1 Finale

    • I never did much like Carrey’s humor. His only performance I came close to liking was in The Mask, and even then not much. His relationship with Jenny McCarthy doesn’t help: a Playboy bunny and a pet detective. Meh!


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  2. well as far as i recollect I have liked three of his movies and hated every other movie. the three i did not hated were Mask, liar liar and truman story or something like that in which he plays the role of a guinea pig in a reality show based on a real human being’s life.


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