Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/03/08

Today begins the Cosmos marathon, all 13 episodes of the original series produced co-written by Ann Druyan and Steven Soter, and hosted by Carl Sagan, arguably the most publicly well-known astronomer of the late 2oth century. This leads up to the showing of the new Cosmos, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson this Sunday on Fox. I must say, this is most sorely needed in this age of antiscience, and I hope those of you who can catch it in your locale enjoy it as much as I will. This is definitely something I plan on buying when the DVD version is released! May you feel large at being so small next time you look up at the stars, yet one out of uncountable trillions of ways for the universe to comprehend itself!

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original c...
Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original caption: “Founding of the Planetary Society Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman, the founders of The Planetary Society at the time of signing the papers formally incorporating the organization. The fourth person is Harry Ashmore, an advisor, who greatly helped in the founding of the Society. Ashmore was a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist and leader in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Martian Sunset

Habitable Worlds

Sun and Prominence

Globules in the Running Chicken Nebula

NGC 1333 Stardust

A View from the Zone

Mount Sharp on the Horizon

Image of the Week:

Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color


Weekly Astrognuz:

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See Light Pollution in Action

Facebook to Purchase Solar-Powered Drone Company

A Natural Planetary Defense Against Solar Storms

Space Camp Launches Crowd-Funding Effort to Land NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft

Astronauts Spend 3 Days In Below Freezing Temps For Survival Training | Video

Why Is This A Special Time For The Universe?

Evidence Of Giant, Growing Louisiana Sinkhole Showed Up In Radar Before Collapse: NASA

New Tool Will Catch Evolving Galaxies In The Act | Video

Rocket Launches Into an Aurora to Study Auroral Swirls

Space History Photo: Armstrong and Scott with Hatches Open

The Cosmos in Video:

Weekly Astrofave(s):

If the Moon Were Only One Pixel: a Scale Model of the Solar System

Carl Sagan’s Legacy: From the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ to Interstellar Space

NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Saturn’s Largest Moon Titan for 100th Time

Big Mars Impact Gave Earth Most of Its Martian Meteorites

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