Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/02/08

Neil deGrasse Tyson at The Amazing Meeting 6.

Neil deGrasse Tyson at The Amazing Meeting 6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Housework over the last couple of weeks has posed problems for publishing this, but this week, the stars are right, and this post is back. I’ve been spending time alone with the cats and preoccupied with work at home until the previous week’s Friday.

But I’m on a new posting schedule, with a better means of getting posts done for publishing by doing lots of drafts ahead of time, adding material over time and then finally editing for publishing.

I should get more done this way.

I’ll be using the dating convention in this post’s header as is above; YY/MM/DD; that seems more logical than other methods, but never mind that for now.

I’ve a few really cool things for you this week, on our recent discoveries of and journeys into the Cosmos, and I for one am looking forward to seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson as the host for the new Cosmos series, due to air in March!

Mars and Orion over Monument Valley

Lunar Time Lapse Panorama including Yutu Rover

A Particle Beam Jet forms HH 24

NGC 2683: Edge-On Spiral Galaxy

The Terraced Night

Night Hides the World

NGC 5101 and Friends

Images of the Week:

Star V838 Monocerotis (V838 Mon)- September 2, 2002

A Cosmic Holiday Ornament, Hubble-Style

Weekly Astrognuz:

Bizarre Magnetic Particle Revealed in Ultra-Cold Lab Experiment

Strange Saturn Vortex Swirls in Amazing NASA Photo

Alien PLanets May Not Need Big Moons to Support Life

Mock Mars Mission: How to Simulate the Red Planet on Earth

NASA’s Next Great Telescope Passes Major Milestone

Human Eyes Change Shape and Swell in Microgravity: Spacesightedness (video)

Record-Breaking 33 ‘Cubesats’ to Be Launched this Month

Dead or Alive, China’s Yutu Rover Says Much About how We Relate to Robots

How NASA is Launching 3D Printing Into Space

Ariane 5 Rocket Blasts Off on 250th Launch w/2 Satellites

Hubble Telescope Helps Solve Mystery of Massive Galactic Burnouts

NASA Completes Radar Study of Icelandic Glaciers

The Cosmos in Video:

Weekly Astrofave(s):

Exercise: How Do You Work Out in Space? (video)

Astrotropes: Ocean Planets

Moonicorn Chaser

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3 thoughts on “Caturday’s Astrophenia: 2014/02/08

    1. Indeed. It makes me feel both very small and very large at the same time, knowing that Im this tiny little thing on a speck of a world, but atomically connected to the whole universe.


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