Caturday’s Astrophenia for 2014/01/18

English: Mosaic of images and artist´s impress...

English: Mosaic of images and artist´s impressions related to the ESO top 10 science discoveries. At the centre, two of the ESO telescopes who have made these ten discoveries and many other more possible. On the left, the ESO 3.6-metre Telescope at La Silla Observatory, in the IV Region of Chile; on the right, the Very Large Telescope (VLT), located on Cerro Paranal, in the II Region of Chile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Scale of the Universe – Interactive

A Trip to the Moon

The Gegenschein Over Chile

Spitzer’s Orion

Despina, Moon of Neptune

M83 Star Streams

Apogee’s Full Moon

Images of the Week:

 Bright Clouds on Uranus

Starburst Galaxy M82

Weekly Astrognuz:

Rosetta: to Chase a Comet

Hubble Observes Stellar Genesis in the Southern Pinwheel

Hubble Unveils a Deep Sea of Faint and Early Galaxies

How to Search for Life in the Solar System

Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: January 18, 2014

Mystery Rock ‘Appears’ in Front of Mars Rover

Giant Planet-Forming Ring Spotted Surprisingly Far from Young Star

The Cosmos in Video:

Weekly Astrofave(s):

Bad  Astronomy

I Have Held a Job! — John Glenn

Galaxy NGC 474: Shells and Star Streams

Climate Change: How do we know it?

The Science Portal at ESO

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