Fare Thee Well, Polio! Victory is India’s! …and other news.

This last week, there were a couple of news items relating to events on the Indian subcontinent, the first being that India may be designated polio-free by the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the efforts of anti-vaccinationists to the contrary. This is fantastic news, and has huge implications for ridding the planet of this awful disease, at least in preventing future outbreaks.

The other bit of news is, I think, both rather humorous and ominous, a governmental permission to Indian homeopaths to prescribe conventional medicines after a one-year course in pharmacology. The humorous part is that homeopaths lament the adulteration of their ‘science’ by allopathic methods. Please. Homeopathy isn’t science, not when it rejects the findings of physics, chemistry, and the very process of science in both its theory and practice.

The ominous part, of course is the danger of practitioners with little real medical training prescribing medicines that while effective per se, may be incorrectly prescribed without the deeper medical knowledge of real health-care professionals. It’s also bad, because it seems just another step to legitimizing all sorts of other medical chicanery, not unlike licensing wizards to cast charms and protect clients from the Dark Arts — after only a one-semester study course at Hogwarts 😉

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