Caturday’s Astrophenia 01/04/2014

Time-Lapse Auroras Over Norway

Quantum Streampunk Fantasy Fractal Landscape

The Horsehead Nebula

A New Year’s Crescent

Reflections on Planet Earth

Lovejoy in the New Year

Clouds and Crescents

Images of the Week

Galaxy IZwicky18

Reflecting on Work (2009)

Weekly Astrognuz

Looking back at over 10 years of imaging by the Mars Exploration Rovers

Antares/Cygnus Update

First 2014 Asteroid Discovered: Update

Secret to Ancient Roman Sundial Revealed in 3D Simulations

10 Years on Mars: NASA Rover Mission Celebrates its 10th Martian Birthday

Astronauts Work to Make Water That Burns

Asimov’s predictions from the 60s are spot on.

This Week’s Massive Winter Storm, Seen From Space

Earth more Sensitive to Increasing Greenhouse Gas than Thought

Dark-matter search considers exotic possibilities

The Cosmos in Video:

Weekly Astrofave


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