Caturday’s Astrophenia for 12/21/2013

Gibbous Europa

Yutu Rover Rolls onto the Moon

Geminid Meteors over Teide Volcano

Light Pillars over Finland

A Colorful Moon

Titan’s Land of Lakes

SDO’s Multiwavelength Sun

Images of the Week:

Galaxy Cluster Abell 520 (HST-CFHT-CXO Composite)
The Hubble Sequence Throughout the Universe

Weekly Astrogn’uz:

Starless Cloud Cores Reveal why Some Stars are Bigger than Others

Heavy Metal Asteroid is a Spacecraft Magnet

News about Europa, Icy Moon of Jupiter, from the American Geophysical Union Meeting

NASA’s Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft returns First Images after Reactivation

Chang’e 3 and LADEE updates: Yutu active again, LADEE didn’t detect landing

Watch the cute first conversation between a human and a robot in space

NASA lays out long-term vision for astrophysics

Money Woes Cloud Future of Workhorse U.S. Telescopes

55 Years Later: Commemorating First Space Broadcast

The Universe in Video:

Weekly Astrofaves:

Year in Review: Planck Refines Cosmic History

Historic ‘Earthrise’ Re-Created for 45th Apollo 8 Anniversary

3 thoughts on “Caturday’s Astrophenia for 12/21/2013

    1. I think it’s fascinating that space travel has become almost a routine part of our civilization, and that in astronomy, the discovery of new exoplanets happens almost daily in the news.


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