Welcome, O Gnoo Kitteh: Willow the Pillow

A few days ago, my family adopted a fourth cat to add to our menagerie of beasts, the lovely and amazingly fluffy Willow. About as heavy, and even wider than Rockykins, our older male, Willow rounds out our cats as the second female, after Gorgeous. She’s a lap-moggie like Rocky, only more prone to hissing at other cats, with an amazingly sweet disposition toward humans. Maine coon, or Norwegian forest cat? I’m not sure, though she’s big enough for either, or both, and may have something in her bag of tricks for Mr Eccles should he foolishly attempt to jump on her head or chase her fluffeh tail!

Long live Willow the Pillow!

image 2image 3image 4

5 thoughts on “Welcome, O Gnoo Kitteh: Willow the Pillow

  1. She’s just lovely. Trying to catch up on some posts I missed over the busy period after exams. 🙂


    1. Willow will be staying at my place when dad joins my mom at the condo. We have shared custody of her…must make sure she doesn’t frighten “da bois.”


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