New Project: ‘Indra’s Promise’

Indras_Promise_37Good day, and happy Sunday. As of last evening, I’ve decided and begun work on an ongoing project with Ultra Fractal: A tussle with a very, very interesting but very difficult fractal type known as Indra’s Promise, previously seen on this blog in two early images, with several subsets that are dearly in need of exploring. This not-so-wee mathematical beastie has a lot of potential, and that needs to be looked into.

To assist this effort, I’m currently reading the book ‘Indra’s Pearls,’ and learning the math and techniques for this discovery of Felix Klein and others who’ve contributed to it. The book, written by Dave Mumford, Caroline Series, and Dave Wright, details the history and the intricacies of the absolutely (when skillfully used by those much, much better learned than myself) alien-but-lovely symmetry of this type.

I’ll be playing with transformations (those settings that alter the shape of the final image) and color algorithms (for the distribution of colors, shape and shading) to get the best results within a week’s time, and will make it the subject of a Fractals of the Week entry as was done with the City of Glass project a bit back. There’ll be posting of progress updates each day this week, with thumbnails and some larger images as well.

Let’s see what can be done with this!

Indra's Pearls (book)

Indra’s Pearls (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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