It’s still a good life at 49.

Yes, I’m 49 today. Not much of a milestone, but it’s another year of life allotted, another marker for what brief time I’ll have spent in the world before my inevitable end.

My 49th voyage around our world’s stellar primary. Since it’s also Talk Like a Pirate day, (even though they never really talked like that…) Yaaarrr, me hearties! It be nearly half a hundred years for this scurvy dog!

And you know what? I’m pretty darned cool with it.

Certainly, I have my hangups, my hissy-fits, my occassional annoyances with temporary setbacks and disruptions, but temporary is the key word here.

Temporary. Just like life in general, just like everything in the universe, even the universe itself. It’s ALL temporary.

But so what? Overall, I’m rather pleased with it all. Not just pleased, but annoyingly, disgustingly, and irritatingly so. It’s nothing to brag about, it just is.

Nearly every day, I find another reason to get out of bed, another reason not to think that my species needs to be extinct, another reason to look up at the sky at night (my favorite time!) and commune with the vastness of the universe.

But it could have been otherwise, and that’s something to consider.

I’ve been lucky.

Lucky — none of this idiotic ableist ‘I built this’ nonsense…let me qualify that. Life has been a mix of good and bad, but things can be less of the former and more of the latter, even horrific. Yes, many of us get to make choices in our lives, and those choices can guide our path in life, but that’s not true for everyone.

Many have hardships, tragedy, and misery beyond the pale of my experience, beyond my ability to fully grasp.

These things are not automatic, and life, good and bad, wonderful and horrific, depressing and exhilarating, is different for all of us.

It may have been that my condition wasn’t as amenable to treatment as it is. It may have been that I never had the friends and family I do. It may have been that I died an early death in my twenties from some stupidity or other.

But I didn’t.

This blog has been viewed over the last five years by thousands on every continent save Antarctica, you, this blog’s amazing readers. Thank you. I have fantastic friends and family, both in person and online, who’ve been absolutely wonderful people. I have been fortunate enough to have effective treament.

I don’t feel entitled to any of this. The path I’ve trod has been a both boon and a curse, increasingly the former and less of the latter as I get older, and personal growth in whatever direction grown has been an adventure for me.

Here’s hoping for further interesting times ahead, famous Chinese curses notwithstanding, with more good than bad for all of us.

Talotaa frang.

9 thoughts on “It’s still a good life at 49.

  1. Troy, it’s your birthday — your tone should be grand!

    When I turn 50 in a few years, I may have to start a blog dedicated entirely to that. I could do a month just on the presents I will buy for myself (I hope all the Gamera DVDs are on Blu-ray by then).

    I’m gonna start getting in shape now so all my 50th b-day blog pics look gooood.


  2. hi, Troy. excellent post. and happy birthday! belatedly…sorry. but dude, you are a year shy of 50! i have always wanted to be 50. i never minded aging like most people. so nice to hear such an upbeat attitude. i always find a reason to forge ahead too. you are just more cheery about it. it must be the greater wisdom. 😉


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