My Underachievements

ij7k6rkmfhcgcccnb2G’day. I’m going to nick a page from my friend Kate, and go over a few of the things I’ve planned to do, would like to, but have yet to, the things that need to be done but shamefully haven’t.

I have not started on a webcomic and I don’t know if I ever will. As of a few years back, I announced my intention of doing a monthly comic strip on my blog The Collect Call of Troythulu, then known as The Island of Doctor Incompeto, subtitled Memoirs of a Pseudoscientist, after the title of the strip, based on the misadventures of a mad scientist who is neither very good at being mad, nor at science. As of this date, I still don’t have even a character design sketched of him, and have yet to plan the layout of even the first panel of the strip. Shame no. 1

I have yet to sign up for college. This is one of my biggest peeves and is due to a number of factors. There’s procrastination involved, things-to-do-in-daily-life things involved, and my finances: Like last month, I’m not sure that this month I’ll have enough in the bank to pay tuition and textbook expenses. I’m still poking around on the local college sites, but even if I do get everything set up to take classes (I’m looking for online courses to save on travel expenses.) it won’t be at anything more than a community college just yet. Shame no. 2.

I haven’t done much work on my fiction draft. Sure, I have done a bit here and there, adding and rewriting text in places, but I’ve not done the work to get my draft over 8,000 words and even close to publishing. I did complete the very first draft last year, but I’m still very far off from completion and final editing. Shame no. 3.

I’ve not finished even half of my DVD courses from the Teaching Company. A few years ago, I think as of 2009, I began buying introductory college level courses and though I watch them frequently, I’ve only actually completed two of them in full: My Favorite Universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Murray Seigel’s remedial course, Basic Math. There are others I’ve watched and still do frequently, but none fully digested and implemented. Shame No. 4.

I don’t often keep up on my online activities involving blogging or my internet friends. I truly hope that doesn’t mean I’m a poor friend, but I don’t talk much on Twitter, not like I did at first, now being somewhat of a recluse in fact, rarely visit Pinterest, and worst of all, I haven’t visited peeps blogs as much as I’d like. I blog less than I used to, but maybe that’s just emotional blunting from having done it so long, hence my current policy of not prolifically posting the way I did when blogging was new and I was more of a debunker than an inquirer as a skeptic. That may also have to do with the sh*t that’s being going on lately in the atheist and skeptical movements+trolls spamming the bloggosphere here and elsewhere. Shame No. 5.

I’ve not practiced with my drawing lately. I’m still not at anything near a professional level, even skilled amateur level at hand sketching. I know if I work at it I can reach that level, but I just haven’t. Shame no. 6.

I don’t get enough housework done. There is much I could do to improve the ambience of my room, but I’m something very close to a packrat, and while my room is clean, it’s horribly jumbled, with books, notes, stacks of computer disks and hardware just lying around, in places they don’t need to be, like tables and bureau tops. Shame No. 7.

These are the most egregious of my failings, and I do feel a wee bit better getting all this off my chest. Thanks, and have a brilliant Tyr’s day.

2 thoughts on “My Underachievements

  1. That’s awesome. You have actually achieved a lot more than you haven’t achieved. I think it’s nice if we let others know we are only human, otherwise people start thinking “Wow, they achieved so much – what have I done?” I think it’s cool to share our struggles and what we wish we’d done. It’s also cathartic, isn’t it?
    Now I’m going to give some encouragement. I think you may just achieve some of these things within the next year. I hope so. xx


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