I Am Disappoint

Right now I’m in one of my unfortunate evil, snarkitundinous and thoroughly bastitchy moods, and I have my doubts right now that anyone is as upset about this as I am, even those of you who might care:

A perfect storm of situations and events this month, when I had planned to sign up for the summer semester of online courses at a local college, will keep me from doing so at least until the Fall enrollment schedule is open.

Three months.

A whole semester to delay things.

Far too long.

But worse, I feel like I’ve let down those who’ve offered encouragement for my continuing education efforts.

But until the next semester opens, I’ll continue my education at home, online with the best academic sources I can find, and a series of Teaching Company courses I’ve yet to take and also those I’m taking now and have yet to complete.

Three months.

I said far too long, but perhaps just enough to finish what I have with me and what I can find online. I do have an account on the website of the college, so once the hounds of academia are released during the Fall, I’ll have everything prepared.

In the meantime, I’m going to post reviews of those courses I have on digital media, adding that to the other content on this blog, which should help brighten my mood a bit.

Perhaps this isn’t so bad, but I’m far from happy about it right now.

4 thoughts on “I Am Disappoint

  1. I hate it when disappointment makes us all emotional. But it’s probably good to feel all the feelings and get it out.
    When I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea I had to defer for six months on the course I’d already started. But I’m back to it now. You’ll get there and we all continue to offer you encouragement.


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