2013 NECSS Panel Video — Critical Thinking in Education

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One thought on “2013 NECSS Panel Video — Critical Thinking in Education

  1. I was unfortunate and fortunate in learning how to think and learning how to learn.

    I have some learning disabilities. I had some basic issues with word recall and factoid recall. I also have a weird thinking style that is based more on interconnections and patterns. That was the unfortunate part. The fortunate part involves two aspects.

    My mom is a speech pathologist who has worked with many kids with learning disability and my dad is a professor who taught me how to think and write clearly. I also received some very useful help from a special education teacher who taught me how to get around and compensate for my learning disability. Even so, it wasn’t until after all my schooling was over that I finally learned how to fully think critically and regained my sense of love of learning.

    There were a few teachers who were exceptions. For example, I had an awesome art teacher who taught me to think outside the box. I also could add an English teacher who was actually English and exposed me to the English classics. Exceptions aside, my public education was mostly a failure. I say this realizing I was one of the lucky few to get some useful help along the way.

    Our society most definitely suffers from a dearth of critical thinking ability.


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