Eugenie Scott is retiring from the NCSE

English: Eugenie Scott, Eugenie C. Scott, Euge...

English: Eugenie Scott, Eugenie C. Scott, Eugenie Carol Scott, Genie Scott (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eugenie Scott, for more than 26 years the executive director of the National Center for Science Education, has announced her retirement by the end of 2013. I remember hearing her first interview on the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe episode no. 42, and got a big kick out of hearing about the humorous Project Steve, which of course Creationists just didn’t “get,” with the silly song by the Steves (and Stephanies) at the end of the episode based on Monty Python’s “Spam.” Scott strikes me as being a rather likeable sort, and incredibly tough too, considering her work record over the years.

She commented:

“It’s a good time to retire, with our new climate change initiative off
to a strong start and with the staff energized and excited by the new
challenges ahead, The person who replaces me will find a strong staff, a strong set of programs, and a strong board of directors.”

I’m sure that the NCSE will choose a good successor, and I hope to hear more of her Eugenie after her retirement, but she’s done good work in the fight against creationism, its offshoot intelligent design, and climate change denial too.

Good show, ‘Genie. Get a well-deserved rest, and thanks for a job well done!

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