A New Project on this Blog…

In the nearly five years I’ve been posting on this site and others, it’s become a bit apparent that my thinking and writing style have evolved quite a lot. To get a good handle on just how it’s evolved and to gauge whether it’s gone in a direction that I’d like, I’m engaged in a little project on the side…

…filing my old blog posts, saving them to Word or Pages, formating and correcting for spelling errors, and finally, exporting the whole unseemly mess as a PDF to post on this blog for free consumption by the sites readership.

I’ve already posted, and again here, the 2009, 2010, and the first 2011 anthology of my selected blog posts from those years, what I perhaps delusionally think of as my least totally heinous ventures into blogging, with a few other volumes currently in the works: the second 2011 collection, and like 2011, possibly two separate anthologies for 2012.

I need to read over these myself, since I am very much aware of the danger of just posting on the same stuff year after year, post after post, and reading my old posts is a good way to refresh my memory and prevent repetition of old and tired topics already better written on before.

Or not.

Whether my style, voice and tone are suited for going in whatever direction I’m going in, if and in what way they’ve gotten better, plus getting a better handle on what new topics to write on, and what’s already been done, will be determined once this project’s completed.

I’m not putting a definite deadline on the posting of the new volumes, but I shall announce and publish them here when they are complete and ready.

Again, these will be free, after all, they will be practically verbatim (minus the spelling errors and such) from material freely accessible on this site by navigating the archives.

You pay nothing.

I’ll also in the meantime be working on a set of volumes collecting the best of the fractal posts on this site, and other work of mine, also in PDF or whatever I find works better with images. This volume won’t be free, but it will be cheap, and will be posted online when complete and formatted.

Thanks, you people are sooo cool. In the words of my alien humans, the Kai’Siri,

Talotaa Frang. (Be strong, be well.)


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