The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup for Caturday, 2013/05/04

It appears that my college funding is safe for now — the annoyingly urgent appointment this week has been taken care of, giving me some time before other matters need attending to…

So far, I’ve finished 12 lessons in my course module in only two weeks, taking care of some essentials needed to make it in whatever college study is pursued, either online or in a live classroom environment.

I’ve been doing some fractals, of course, but mostly as a reward after study to better motivate myself — Oh, yes, and watching Doctor Who as well, going through season six, on my way to the current eps.

I’d like to spend a bit next week doing more editing on my story draft and a few ideas I’ve been playing around with for blog posts. There’s a tension going on between posting on skeptical topics and posting on things that interest me that aren’t, well, very skepticky. Not good.

That’s something that needs to be resolved.

I may not be able to blog regularly once college starts, but I’ve until the 20th of this month to enroll. Come then and afterward, I’ll post whenever reasonably possible, but lessons come before blogging depending on what the course load turns out. We’ll see.

I will keep in contact with my online community of peeps, despite my absolutely horrid social skills. You guys (and gals) are special, even if we don’t chat regularly — Who would have guessed that people I’ve never seen in real time could be so awesome?

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