Fractals of the Week: Domain of the Fractals

G’day! This week, I’ve generated a few images via FD, as I mentioned briefly last week, and here are some of the more interesting ones. It’s always a helpful thing to take a break from an app that sees frequent use, and I’m on vacation from Mandelbulber for at least another week.

It’s good for freshening the mind, stimulating the questioning of tried assumptions and the exploration of new ones when the brain wanders now and then in a powered-down state. I love how fractals tie so nicely into critical thinking, though I’m still new to this, and have to be alert to missteps in both intuitive and reasoning processes.

By ‘intuitive,’ of course, I don’t mean anything mystical, but as a term for shorthand thinking that goes on mostly unconsciously, for those ideas and insights that appear suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere.

Those sudden thoughts and insights may or may not be useful, and so much be tested for reliability and effectiveness.

What little I can say I do know about the mind is that it uses both rational and apparently nonrational processes together quite well, the two complementing each other for well-rounded cognitive processes.

This week also saw the start of my actually doing commissions on images, after almost three years of fooling around. I’ll keep you updated on how it turns out!


But I digress majorly… Here are this weeks images!



Would You Like a JellyBaby?

Would You Like a JellyBaby?



Color Grind

Color Grind

All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author,created by

way of XaoS, Mandelbulber or Fractal Domains, and are copyright 2013 by Troy Loy.

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