eBook Review: In Memoriam, by S. A. Barton

Disclosure: Stu Barton is an old friend of mine from way back, so reviewing his fiction is always fun, though I must be careful about bias creeping into my assessment. His fiction tends to be in the speculative short story format, and is a quick read for days when the hours are far too short for longer fare. This piece I’ve just recently read, and I recommend you buy and read it if this review piques your interest — it always helps to support independent writers. — Troythulu

Clayton Taliaferro II discovers his special family talent quite by accident while dining at a restaurant, and after experimenting decides to make full use of it. He makes plans to get what he thinks should be rightly his, even if he must kill his apparently helpless mother to do it. But there are things about this talent he doesn’t know, with interesting consequences for him when he attempts to carry out his scheme. No more spoilers for you!

Reading this, I immediately got the strong impression that Clayton was…far from a likeable sort…actually a bit of an ass, cynical, spiteful, self-centered, a little too ambitious for his own good, and maybe a bit shortsighted, as he finds out toward the end.

Clayton comes across as thouroughly despicable, but believably so.

There was a bit of foreshadowing in the book, and I was able to put the pieces together and figure out some parts toward the middle,  though the story past that, toward the ending caught me quite by surprise, with a twist that was wholly unexpected, by the protagonist or myself as the reader.

Good sleight-of-mind makes for good fiction.

Read it.

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