The Dreadful Return of the Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup

This week has been…tolerable, with a lot of good stuff going on in terms of effective studying. I’m training with and practicing new mnemonics techniques as study aids, and working on a bunch of new images.

Within the last couple of weeks, I got my new laptop, and a useful tool it is indeedy — I use it for all of my fractal making now, since it’s got much more speed and storage space than the iMac.

The laptop is a Macbook Pro, and it’s so handy to take it library-haunting so I don’t have to wait in line at the overcrowded computer labs they have there.

Right now, I’m learning the number sequences needed to effectively use coding mnemonics, as well as setting up both imaginary and real landmarks for using the earliest recorded technique, the Method of Loci, or place method, to help me with getting details when listening to lectures.

The cats are doing wonderful, and Eccles is starting to put on a few extra ounces, while Rocky and Gorgeous aren’t getting any skinnier themselves!

There’s been a few things pretty depressing happening, with the misfortune of a friend of mine who’s been diagnosed with a serious illness (who shall remain unnamed, as will the illness), and the signing of the euthanization papers of a really, really sick neighborhood cat (FIV infection).

Here’s metaphorical finger crossing for a better weekend and coming week. If nothing else, it feels good to bring back this post.

Stay cosmic!

——————– My Bloggy Lynx——————-

  • What Matters Most: Part I the beginning of a series of personal introspections on the important things in life, this one featuring integrity.
  • Cats in Tanks Comedy ensues when felines start piloting armored assault vehicles in an unsuspecting office building…
  • What Matters Most: Part II The next installment in this series of musings, on my views of facts, truth and reality.
  • Media Guide to Skepticism a reblogging with permission to reprint of a FAQ page on the acclaimed Doubtful News site.
  • Randomness A fractal image with a touch of me being full of myself.

——————- Other’s Bloggies ——————-

—————– Doubtful Gnuz ——————

——————– Bloggy Stats ———————

  • 124,781 steely gazes cast on this site since 2008/12/28,
  • 2021 posts, including this one,
  • 188 WordPress subscribers,
  • 1956 Twitter fellows,
  • 18 Facebook likes,
  •  …and 1806 comments

Thank you much, everyone who’s helped this blog grow over the last 4 1/6 years!

——————– The Doctor is Dying ——————–

2 thoughts on “The Dreadful Return of the Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup

  1. Sorry you had such a bad week this week. Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.
    I was so lucky to be included in your links. Thank you kind sir. Always happy to be around this blog. x
    Also you’re nearly at 2000 comments – are we going to have a blog party?


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