Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism is Child Abuse

Here, Lawrence Krauss makes a good point that just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t mean that something deserves time in the classroom, especially something as foolish as creationism. Will I offend by posting this? No doubt, but I find the teaching of religious doctrines like creationism in public school science classes to be pretty reprehensible.

Thanks to Open Parachute at Education should never validate ignorance


5 thoughts on “Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism is Child Abuse

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  2. I’m going to have to disagree here on a couple of points. First, picking on a particular statement of Sen. Rubio without considering ‘Why?’ he would say that. Sen. Rubio is the senator for south Florida. One of the most heavily catholic areas in the country. He is repeating the church line, Second, if individual school districts want to teach creationism, and they vote to do it, go for it. That is the beauty of our country. I am more concerned that the kids coming out of the school systems be taught how to think, than simply downloaded with facts. It is much more important that they be able to think things through and come to their own conclusions. Then when they are presented with facts later, be it from a local museum, the science channel, whatever, they can recognise what is actually true. This in my opinion is where many school systems are failing. I’m not prepared to strip a district of their freedoms just because science doesn’t support their beliefs. Call them backwards, yes. Embarrass the district in the news, yes. Take their freedoms from them. No. One last note on Senator Rubio, if you are scared of who the people pick as senator, we can always repeal the direct election of the senate.


    • “Teach the controversy!” “Teach them both sides, and let them decide for themselves what’s true!”

      Carl, while I value things like fairness and freedom and critical thinking at least as much as you, that’s the sort of thinking that Creationists exploit when they try to pass so-called academic freedom bills in state legislatures (like Louisiana and Tennessee, where they passed) to worm their way into teaching creationism in science classes.

      And no, they don’t have the freedom to teach religious doctrines as science. That was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, and so illegal, in the Edwards v. Aguillard case in 1987. Can you really trust people to promote critical thinking when their sometimes stated goal is the religious indoctrination of the young and impressionable?

      No one is taking away freedoms. While, yes, it’s good to teach critical thinking to students, they can’t accurately learn those skills when fed false information being presented as true. Science, unfortunately, is not a democracy, nor a republic, nor both. It doesn’t follow the same rules as either. Facts are facts and you don’t get to conclude them on your own.

      In science, you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

      I don’t have any objection about teaching a variety of scientific theories about human origins when there’s a clear secular intent, and apparently neither did the Supreme Court in 1987.

      Creationists cannot be trusted to convey such a secular intent, however, and the “academic freedom” laws have been passed with the intent to undermine science education, not-so-ironically undermine critical thinking, and allow teachers to promote (those states being heavily populated by fundamentalist Christians, so many teachers as well) their religious doctrines to impressionable students, at least until those laws are challenged in court or the state legislature.

      You cannot learn to think on your own when your teachers are systematically lying to you by presenting bunk as science, sanction by cleverly-worded state law in conflict with a constitutional ruling notwithstanding.

      Little comment from me on Senator Rubio, since it’s the fault of a broken electorate that he’s in office and I personally don’t trust them to vote him back out. I don’t think anyone’s really “scared” of him, just wary of his extremist views and their effect on his politics.


    • Creationism is a fundamentalist religious doctrine on the origins of life, human beings and the world. Those who believe it are opposed to scientific accounts of human origins, and seek to replace those with creationism in order to harm science education and ultimately inculcate people into their religion by force of law and deceit. Creationists are a major threat to scientific literacy, unfortunately not just in the United States.


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