The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup 2013/01/12

Good eeevening… As someone openly possessed of no psychic abilities whatsoever, I made a number of predictions for 2012, and so here I’ll go over them to see how many of these I flubbed and how many I managed to succeed in prognosticating. As seen here, the likelihood of each being fulfilled was rated with an emoticon, variously 🙂 , 😉 or 😦 from most to least likely. So here’s how well I scored. We’ll go over these in order:

  • Conspiracy theorists will fail to be convinced that President Obama did not get teleported to Mars during the 1980s as a project by the CIA to explore the Red Planet. :-)

Sadly, this does appear to have been the case, and is even a subject of well-deserved parody by Stephen Colbert… See: This Changes Everything – Obama’s Martian Gayness

  • Bigfoot will be discovered in a poll-booth voting for a Republican candidate (most likely Mittens) during election day this November, and DNA analysis will reveal him to be genetically engineered by Grey aliens, or maybe brought to Earth by Time Lords out for a spin in a TARDIS… :-(

As I expected, this doesn’t seemed to have happened, since it’s far too specific and too far-fetched to have happened, unfortunately for Bigfoot fans. Here even my (non-)precognitive abilities failed.

  • A new fossil hominid will be discovered or revealed by investigation of previous dig samples, further developing our ideas on human evolution and overturning older, more erroneous ideas of same. :-)

This did happen, with announcements of the discovery/identification of the Denisovans in China. Two out of three. Not bad for a muggle.

  • In February, I predict that at least one earthquake will happen somewhere in the Western hemisphere give or take one or two weeks around the 15th. :-)

Unfortunately, this did happen, with the Feb. 13 quake in Northern Cali, 01/07/02 PM at its epicenter with a magnitude of 5.6, then again, it was far too likely to happen anyway. 3 out of 4 so far.

  • A new form of life will be discovered in hydrothermal vents in or near Antarctica. :-)

This happened as well, with the discovery in one such location of Yeti crabs and Ghost octopi, and this was very, very cool to find out! 4 out of 5, and counting… Again, though, with the wiggle-room, proving my ebil muggleness.

  • Several new exoplanets, even closer to Earth in size and mass than before, will be discovered in orbits near their stars close enough to bear life of a sort we might recognize. :-)

Well, this happened as well, with a bit on the exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri B. and the Wiki entry on Extrasolar planets. 5 out of 6.

  • Yet another politician or other ranking public figure who can’t keep his todger in his trousers will be scandalized and forced to resign after getting caught. ;-)

Yes, this too happened at least once, though like most psychic predictions that come true was likely too anyway, given the number of politicians in Washington. 6 out of 7.

  • Several more seemingly extraterrestrial signals will be picked up by SETI radio-telescopes. Most if not all of them will be readily identifiable as Earth-bound interference. :-)

Well so much for this happening last year, as apparently no really alien-seeming signals were picked up. Here is a FAQ page on the SETI institute’s website. 6 out of 8. Uh oh.

  • Irresponsible predictions about the End of the World™ will reach a fever pitch and none of them will come true when or as predicted, be the date December 12, 21, or any other time of this year. :-)

This did happen because, well, it was bound to given the year and the silly ideas we of Western European descent find ourselves attached to. 7 out of 7 out of 9.

  • Mister Eccles will learn to curb the use of his claws in play and become more sedate as an adult cat. :-(

This, fortunately, has transpired, and as Mr Eccles, our rather-strange-but-cute cat has gotten older he has mellowed out considerably. Yay! 8 out of 10.

  • Ethnic Maya in Central America will rise up in wrathful protest vs the silly apocalyptic or transcendant claims that gullible people of West European religious traditions or practitioners of equally silly spiritual doctrines have superimposed over their early civilization’s otherwise perfectly innocuous Long Count calendar. ;-)

Read the last news item linked to above for details on this, though there was no wrathful uprising. The Maya descendants are far too magnanimous for that, though there was much annoyance and maybe a bit of laughter at our Western gullibility. 8 out of 11.

This was a cool little exercise, and given the wiggle-room for some of the predictions, many were likely to happen anyway, just like those of celebrity psychics. Phear my deadly (non-)psychic mutant powerz!!!

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