eBook Review: “Dark” by S.A. Barton

When Adam, and his newlywed bride Katrina go on their honeymoon, the world is perplexed by a puzzling and frightening event — the Sun is fading, and fading fast, its light blocked by something…unknown, something unimaginable in power.

Adam is dismissive, or maybe a better word would be flippant, about this, and goes forward anyway with he and his wife’s plans, saying at one point…

“What can I do? What can you do? What will change if I make myself miserable?”

Adam and Katrina soon discover the alien agency behind this event, with its implications for the end of the world — on their planned stopover at Easter Island.

There’s something more there, much more than just themselves, and stranger than the mysterious and statuesque mo’ai…Nuff said.

This is an interesting and memorable little tale, and while I don’t share Adam’s dismissal of science, I can understand his attitude concerning events completely out of his control: Why worry about events on that scale that you can’t do anything about, when worrying changes nothing?

But, oh, what a good incentive to make the most of the time you have left!


By S. A. Barton

Copyright 2012 S. A. Barton

Smashwords Edition

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