Caturday’s Astronomy Pix for 12/23/2012 – 1/5/2013

Comet Hale-Bopp Over Val Parola Pass

Hyades for the Holidays

Yosemite Winter Night

Makemake of the Outer Solar System

Curiosity Rover at Rocknest on Mars

NGC 6188 and NGC 6164

Zeta Oph: Runaway Star

Doomed Star Eta Carinae

Saturn’s Rings from the Dark Side

A Double Star Cluster

The Einstein Cross Gravitational Lens

Open Star Clusters M35 and NGC 2158

Sunrise at Tycho

Stereo Helene

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.

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