8 thoughts on “Carl Sagan’s Last Interview

  1. That was great. I was really moved. I totally agree with his take on the bible myth. No reasonable minded person could possibly take it as the word of the creator, untainted, unchanged, or sacrosanct. It’s even more ironic to witness the greater beauty of soul that shines thru non-believers, far more so than I have witnessed among believers in general. Oh, what a world…lol May we find the answers we seek in this lifetime. Wouldn’t that be wonderful…


    1. Carl was a brilliant fellow, though I like to know my heroes warts and all, and we need a hundred more like him. It was he who got the ball rolling for science popularization, though, and those who came after are still doing a great job of it, like Neil Tyson and Bill Nye.

      It’s sad that Sagan passed when he did why he did, but it happens to the best of us. I’ve still got books of his I’ve yet to read, so my reading list will be well-filled this year.


      1. There is something very beautiful about Sagan. I can’t help but feel drawn to his legacy, altho I had not been led in his direction until you brought him to my attention. I became a cynic towards one and all very young in life, so I mostly ignored both religion and science, but religion got the worst of it…

        This last interview was so poignant…Sagan seemed very sad and disturbed by the changes he was witnessing…or maybe he knew time was short and he mourned the loss of what he valued as the most precious of gifts…LIFE. He still the had a spark of that childlike wonderment in his eyes…he was closer to heaven than most, no doubt about it.


        1. Sagan seems to me to have been ever the realist, but he kept his views positive and hopeful though without fooling himself. To me, he was, and I don’t say this about everyone, the quintessential good skeptic — not perfect, certainly not a saint, but an example of how skeptical conduct should be done considering human limits. Even till the end, he was worried about the future, sometimes frustrated, even angry at times, but he always kept his cool.


          1. Yes, all that you say rings true altho I know very little of Sagan other than what my manner of observation has already shown me. There is one thing that stands out which I just noticed…you carry the same qualities in your manner and conduct, at least from what I have observed thus far. And you know what, it’s more than being a ‘quintessential good skeptic’ but also about being a good person in general. Forgive me for saying this but I must, such high character as exhibited by Sagan as well as yourself is the essence of what Jesus taught by example. More power to you, my friend, you are blessed with a heart that shines…obviously science has trumped religion. 😉


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