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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup for December 14, 2012

English: Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks a...

English: Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks at the 2009 Brooklyn Book Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day. It’s only a week to go before the silly claims of an apocalypse shall be yet again unfulfilled, like all the others in the dustbin of history to be quickly rationalized when it fails to happen.

Some people never learn, even after the Harold Camping claims of rapture from last year. Well, while I’m blindly ignorant of planet Nibiru’s impending collision with Earth, and the crazy sh*t it won’t do to us for want of existing, and completely in denial of the nasty crap that’s not going to happen when our sun aligns with the galactic center on the 19th (like it’s done every year with no unpleasantness going on), I, my kitties, and my voluminous collection of literary amusement (well, for a room as small as mine, though with several fairly-sized bookcases) will be awaiting the world’s not-ending with some heavy reading and lecture watching until it passes and the internet awaits some new nuttery about The End™ someone will dream up to frighten people and make a quick buck.

The Maya called. They say they want their calendar back.


Why am I so confident? I have the advantage of hindsight, and the knowledge that the Maya never predicted anything like this, nowhere in any of their own writings. They couldn’t even see the fall of their own civilization — no superior wisdom to be seen here, move along citizen! All of it has been made up from whole cloth by idiot white people obsessed with Western religious and new age spiritual mythologies, though it’s been good for the tourist industry I’ll wager.

No rapture, no world-shattering disaster, no evolution to a “higher state of consciousness” or whatever other meaningless phrase is used, and I’ll even place money on a bet

Harold Camping in 2008

Harold Camping in 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of seeing 2013 roll around on New Years Eve.

That was not nice.

But human gullibility often hurts and sometimes kills, and that makes me angry.


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free_martin_pribble (Photo credit: alistercoyne)

Martin Pribble has posted Video: “Oliver Sacks on Humans and Myth-making”  and Future Improbable.

There were some interesting things going on with skeptically-themed news items:

Squid deaths are a many-tentacled mystery – Not such a mystery, considering the ratio of squid biomass over humans on Earth…

Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) Readies ‘Freemium’ Mobile Apps in Bid to Re-Dominate… Seriously? Sure…”entertainment” that charges a stiff fee for credulity!

Solving a 100-year-old scientific hoax   Ah, yes, the old Piltdown Man incident, the object lesson that in science, the truth of a matter will come out in time.

Ultrasound mosquito repellents: Zapping the myth As plausible as they seem on first face, they don’t work after all.

Michael Giltz: Exclusive: PR Guru Behind Fake Fox News “Study” Speaks Up  Yet more reason for suspicion of a network billing itself pretentiously as Fair and Balanced™

Old Russian practice of using frogs to keep milk fresh analyzed Neat, but I feel safer drinking it when it’s pasteurized.

White tiger controversy: Zoos shouldn’t raise these inbred, ecologically irrelevant animals. As much as I like cats, especially big ones, I have to agree.

How fake images change our memory and behaviour How doctored images fool us so effectively and unstoppably…

Seeing God in the Third Millennium — Oliver Sacks  A neuroscientist discusses how our brains have religious epiphanies and out-of-body experiences…

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