The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for November 30, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis has been a pretty harrowing week for the family, when our young adult cat, Eccleston had become seriously ill from getting into spicy food Monday evening, leading to internal bleeding that may well have killed him overnight and causing him to spit up blood before we took him in for vets treatment.

He’s doing much better now, and starting to do normal kitty digestion things again, but we’re keeping an eye on him to make sure he heals up well and fully recovers. Taking care of him is part of the reason I’m announcing this:

I’ve needed to go on a blogging hiatus for some time now, and I may be back to blogging in a few days, or a few weeks, I cannot say which right now. But this applies to all four of my blogs; my two WordPress sites, my Blogspot site, and lastly my Tumblr page, for that last the only further entries until I return being those that are already auto-queued for posting in four-hour increments.

Posting on other venues will be limited to four hours weekly in total, for keeping in contact with friends and fellows on Facebook and Twitter.

While I’m on hiatus, I’ll be generating new material for posting, including new installments for each site, possibly new regular or semi-regular installments, and improvements in the solidity of current content. There will be various research projects, some involving bloggable material that I’ve not posted on before or subject matter only barely treated in prior entries. I’ll be watching my lectures, online and by videodisk, taking notes from textbooks and generally furthering my academic skills and knowledge base through improved study and research techniques. In short, I’ll be doing all the things that need to get done before I can return to blogging and make visiting this and my other sites worth your while as visitors, readers and viewers — and listeners for audio-based posts once I get around to that.

I may well even redesign or modify the site layouts to something a little more presentable. I’m going to try something with the links this week, color coding according to type of entry…red for entries on this site, green for external blogs, blue for news items or news aggregators, grey (or white on black text backgrounds) for miscellaneous webpages and offsite video links.

This week was posted “Hate the Belief, not the Believer…” ; a new release by Melodysheep, Charlie Chaplin — Let us all Unite! ; 10 Amazing Illusions via Quirkology

The week’s stats on the Call are:

  • 118,145 pageviews
  • 1920 posts, including this one,
  • 180 WordPress & email subscribers
  • 1838 Twitter fellows,
  • 193 Tumblr fellows,

Thanks to you, this site’s fantastic readership!

On Books, Crafts & Pretty Things; Cat Thursday — Miss Kitty Fantastico

On Left Hemispheres, a religious studies instructor at the University of Oregon discusses “Gospel Truth(s) A Critical Interrogation of the Good News”

Martin Pribble has posted on The Hyper-Belief Problem

on Astronasty; Ecstasy used in treating PTSD proven effective

on Token Skeptic; New Token Skeptic Podcast – On Savita Halappanavar – Interview With The Skeprechaun Podcast

The US military and NASA may soon be hitching rides into space on commercial craft

Things do not look promising for Supersymmetry theory…

And now for the strange, the unusual, the interesting, and the downright silly…courtesy of Doubtful News

Misinformed vandal strikes Cape Coral water plant – WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida.

Christian group says demon sex makes you gay –

The facts about 2012 Doomsday rumors — NPR.

Yasser Arafat’s remains exhumed in murder mystery — BBC.

MMR vaccination rates reach a 14 year high in UK — BBC.

Hello, Fox 31 Denver? It’s bugs, not UFOs. — Bad Astronomy

Announcement of $400 million Google acquisition found to be a hoax – San Jose Mercury News.

Mark Cuban rips NBA over worthless bracelets

Facebook privacy notice and Target gift card hoaxes — Doubtful News.

WordPress stands up for anonymous blogger — Doubtful News.

Neuroscience – Under Attack –

7 Bizarre Prehistoric Versions of Modern-Day Animals

BBC News – Japan’s ninjas heading for extinction.

Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North: A supine land goddess makes her debut – The Washington Post.

BBC News – WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders.

Commissioners side with extremists and lose bid for reelection.

3 thoughts on “The Weekly Gnuz and Lynx Roundup for November 30, 2012

  1. Eccles gaves us a bit of a scare there. I hope you find your away time productive. You astound me with how much you get done in a week.
    Oh noes not Supersymetry, that doesn’t look good for dark matter either. That’s the last time I spend hours going to physics lectures trying to get my head around those theories (just kidding).


  2. So glad Eccleston is gonna be ok. He’s quite a beauty and I love his name. Hope your hiatus will be pleasant and I look forward to your return, but I will use the time to catch up on your posts. Still want to finish that video ‘How Not to Be a Paranormal Investigator’. Highly cool. Talk to you later, Zor’ra


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