The Weekly Updates & Lynx Roundup for November 16, 2012

G’day, peeps. I’m posting this a wee bit late for Odin’s Wife’s Day, and unfortunately this week has been a bit slow for original material for the Call.

My bad…study and notation requirements have made a bigger dent in that than I’d like, and that I’ve decided to take fractals seriously as a source of income after idly fooling around with them for the last several years.

I’ll continue posting image thumbnails and the occasional free wallpapers on this site (WordPress gets cranky about trying to sell anything directly via sites hosted on their servers.), and spend more time on deviantART with posting the best of my new material.

I’ve posted one of my faves this Monday, on a new art release using pediatric and veterinary x-ray stills — Hominid, which just reeks of surreal biological win in blending humans and…critters…into a smooth see-through whole. Thanks to my tweep @Medusa_Rantz for forwarding that one to me.

Arthur C. Clarke contracted polio in 1962. His...

Arthur C. Clarke contracted polio in 1962. His recovery returned him to top form at his favorite sport, table tennis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday was posted a Sam Harris Speech, October 29, 2012 – Bon Mot Book Club, and a quote entry by a late master of science fiction, Sir Arthur C. Clarke speaks.

Yesterday, there was Sean Faircloth – “Beware the Religio-Industrial Complex” – TAM 2012 and on my friend Kate’s blog, Cat Thursday — Sabrina & Salem together again

My friend and mighty blogger Martin Pribble has posted Q: How Many Angels On The Head of a Pin? today while on the equally mighty Left Hemispheres there’s the Friday Link Dump 11/16/12.

I’ll be a bit minimalistic from here on, with some of the more interesting items I’ve bookmarked this week whilst I was futzing around on Twitter…

Be Afraid. It’s A Haunted Toaster

Rare Particle Find May Cast Doubt on Popular Physics Theory

Scientists use quasars to probe dark energy over 10 billion years in the past

Religious Factors and Hippocampal Atrophy in Late Life

Orphan alien planet is found nearby

Doomsday preppers ready for Mayan apocalypse (nonsense) on December 21

Extreme Weather Preceded Collapse of Maya Civilization

Astronomer Tycho Brahe Apparently Not Poisoned

Tycho Brahe 1

Tycho Brahe 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 Insane Superstitions That Are Still Shockingly Influential

A Cool Asteroid Impact Simulator

The UK’s Abortion Support Network Site

Stone Me! Spears show early human species was sharper than we thought

Evidence-based medicine: More than a “coin flip”

More Republicans believe in demonic possession than global warming

Atheists Talk: George Church on “Regenesis”

So far, this on this week, the Call has the following stats:

  • 117,206 steely gazes cast on the site,
  • 1909 posts published, including this one,
  • 179 WordPress & email readers
  • 1831 Twitter fellowers,
  • 179 Tumblr fellowers

Thank you all, for making this blog worth keeping active!

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