Post Election Day Thoughts…


Galvatron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now that the dust is clear and I’ve no need to worry for the next couple of years or so for my country’s political future, I’m actually just a wee bit disappointed…


You see, I was rooting for Galvatron as the next world leader, as he’s got a number of good policies and sound business practices at his disposal — and lots of loyal servants scared sh*tless of him as well.


First, he takes no guff from anyone — none of that nonsense of assassination attempts and coups by ambitious lieutenants, as he simply converts into a tank, cannon, or dragon (or whatever, depending on the version,) and destroys them.


Think Starscream from the 1985 Transformers animated feature (Oh, crap — I’m showing my age…) and you get the idea — Discipline, discipline, discipline — and this underlies the core of his philosophy which is…


Order. Law. Total, complete order and control over everything (Wow! Absolutist control-freak much, Galvatron? — too bad you lost the election; I was hoping to help you betray Unicron and regain your autonomy — maybe in 2016 or so…), everywhere, and this speaks of deeply ingrained personal issues, though, but never mind, wink, wink.


Second, Galvatron’s got an frankness you don’t see in most politicians — he tells you what he’s going to do, and then does it, and that kind of honesty is very appealing to those of us rendered cynical about the American political process.


Third, and finally, his determination to get the job done when it needs to be, regardless of obstacles. Who wouldn’t want a leader who uses his immense power to conquer — er, I mean, lead — the world into a place and new age of change, into a brighter, shinier, more gleaming metal future where we can have universal access to all the spare parts we need to keep ourselves functional, and of course, useful to the Predacon cause.




I think I need to stop now — really. So there.


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