Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Argument from Ignorance and UFOs

This is from a while back, but for ten minutes, it’s the most complete, indepth discussion Dr. Tyson’s given on this subject.

2 thoughts on “Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Argument from Ignorance and UFOs

  1. Like I said!

    In the last three years of tooting around UFO sites, I have never seen one post this video. I’ve seen it once before, on a skeptic sight (probably here).

    I should say that there’s a good core of UFO field investigators and commentors who know eyewitness testimony is shaky and needs to be corroborated independently, but these aren’t the people who get on Larry King and they aren’t awarded “reality” shows. Kevin Randle is a good example.

    There is a somewhat larger group of believers who sound like creationists, insisting that testimony is inerrant and therefore should be interpreted literally. They consider psychologists to be undermining UFO testimony for the sake of preserving academic knowledge paradigm (essentially, all scientists are part of a conspiracy). Stanton Friedman is the obvious model here.

    Curiously, there is a sizeable third group that agrees with the first group…except when skeptics site scientific studies to explain UFOs. In that case, foam appears on the lips of the third groupers, they adjust their bifocals and loosen their bow-ties, the elbow patches fly off their tweed jackets, and soon they succumb to the bitter denialism of the second group. Jerome Clark has this disease.


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