Fractals, Lynx & Gnuz of the Week

All fractal images in this post are original works by the author, and are copyright 2012 Troy Loy

Fractal making has a certain magic in the possibilities available for creating images, but let’s not worship the process as something mysterious even to the artist…

If one knows what one is doing it’s a science as well as an art — there are the rules that the software must obey to create pleasing images, defined by mathematics, some of it recent, much of it centuries old, and all of it certain within the formal systems of logic of both math and computer.

Nothing profligately mystical to see here. But no need to see anything like that either.

Still, there’s a sort of magic in fractal art, the wonder that unfolds in seeing and mentally traveling to impossibly surreal worlds and to those strikingly realistic images others have done, looking almost like photographs of actual objects and creatures…

It’s a sort of magic that as a skeptic I hope I never lose my taste for.

This week has be quite productive for me. I’ve completed several study sessions while imposing Internet breaks to reduce distraction, and that is good. Adaptive behavior has its benefits. The cats have been getting on really well, and our two males are just good furry little buddies with each other, despite the hijinks and their age difference. Eccles has really mellowed when Rocky moved in from the animal shelter!

Earlier this last Monday, I’ve posted Tips & Tricks for Fractalization among the Ranks,and I’ll add a 5th tip to these: feel free to violate any of the guidelines therein if you’ve reason to think doing so will result in better images. There’s also What’s Invisible? More than you think….

From Bug Girl’s Tumblr page I posted Klingon Style (Star Trek parody of PSY — GANGNAM STYLE),

Wednesday saw the posting of Fractal of the Midweek: Pyroflexagon and Bill Nye’s How to Talk to an Alien.

Yesterday saw the latest release from MelodySheep of Symphony of Science fame, Rise from Your Tomb! Frankenweenie remixed.

Over on ♥ Books, Crafts & Pretty things, BTW, Kate’s posted Leon Stumble’s Book of Stupid Fairytales, my latest guest post on her blog, Review of Carl Sagan’s The Varieties of Scientific Experience: a personal view of the search for God & a Cat Thursday guest post by her son… Pocket Purrer.

Kriss, on the six-pack blog has posted The Humanity Of It All, Oh…The Humanity.

On Left Hemispheres, there’s History of Atheism by Steven Goldman and On Blasphemy.

Also in the Gnuz, Nunavik berry pickers report sasquatch sighting

UFO case solved in Cincinnati

Trust amends Causeway centre ‘Creationist’ exhibit

Einstein letter, set for auction, shows scientist challenging idea of God, being ‘chosen’

Punjabi atheists unite in Canada

Oh no…the washing machine exploded.

A Comet Fizzle Primer

‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ mag threatens legal action against Simon Singh (UPDATED)

Shimon Schocken: The self-organizing computer course

Stats-wise this week has been good, with…

  • 113,993 watchful gazes cast upon the site since December 28, 2008,
  • 1868 posts published, including this one,
  • 1570 comments approved,
  • 177 WordPress & email subscribers — Thank you!
  • …and 1770 Twitter followers.

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix will be posted later this evening, and it’s getting late. Good night, and enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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