Fractal of the Midweek: Pyroflexagon

This is one of my new FD images, since I’m still on a break from MB3 so I can try out ideas on other apps as well. I’ll be posting new images via XaoS too, to keep my fractal chops active… The more the merrier, and I’m looking for new apps to experiment with.

I’ve lately been reluctant to name most of my images, especially those posted on my Tumblr page, since that sometimes interferes with free association and limits what people see in an image — usually a no-no in my book — and I title these fractal posts on this site primarily for ease of page navigation and onsite search results.

I’m vaguely reminded by this installment’s image of bat-winged…things…in space, made of fire or perhaps even alien dragons giving off radiation on the void between stars.

What do you see?

All images in this post are original works by the author, and are copyright 2012 Troy Loy

3 thoughts on “Fractal of the Midweek: Pyroflexagon

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